Edgardo Beltran

Edgardo Beltran is the Chief Executive Officer with over two decades of experience running public adjusting firms.

Edgardo Beltran
Brooklyn, NY

About Eddie

Edgardo “Eddie” Beltran, Jr., a seasoned, licensed public adjuster in New York, has dedicated over twenty years to championing the rights of individuals facing property losses and filing claims with their insurance companies.

With his roots planted deeply in Puerto Rico, Eddie’s fluency in Spanish significantly enhances his effectiveness in serving a broader and often underserved and under-represented client base. His journey to becoming a New York public adjuster was shaped by personal experiences, including a devastating home fire in 2001 which deeply strengthened his empathetic, client-focused approach.

Eddie’s career began in the Union Carpenter Local 608 Chapter. From 1990 to 2002, he had been laying a strong foundation for his expertise in property damage claims adjustment and construction estimation. With this background, his firsthand experience in loss, and his kind & approachable demeanor, he has propelled him towards his ultimate calling as a public adjuster in 2002. He received his license as a NY State Public Adjuster, marking the beginning of an illustrious two decades of helping people fully recover from losses both big and small.

For over 20 years since then, Eddie honed his skills under the mentorship of several esteemed licensed public adjusters, mastering the nuances of property damage claims handling and, of course, client advocacy. His commitment to continual learning and development is a testament to his dedication as an experienced claim adjuster. In founding Accela Public Adjusting, Inc., Eddie has created a platform to make an even more meaningful impact in his community, ensuring clients receive fair and just settlements.

Family is at the forefront of Eddie’s life, most notably with a strong bond with his daughter. His passions extend beyond his professional life, embracing hobbies such as hunting and riding his Harley motorcycle. Eddie Beltran stands as a beacon of support and expertise for those navigating the complexities of insurance claims in New York.

Reach out to Eddie for unparalleled support and representation as a licensed and experienced New York public adjuster to handle your property damage claim.

Edgardo Beltran

Edgardo Beltran

Licensed Public Adjuster, CEO


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