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What are the business hours for Accela Public Adjusting?

Accela Public Adjusting, Inc. is open for meetings and scheduling inspections Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. We are also available outside of these hours every day for scheduled meetings, inspections, etc.

Can I hire Accela Public Adjusting for an insurance claim from different locations, such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut?

Yes! Accela Public Adjusting, Inc. and our individual PAs are licensed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and West Virginia. With more states coming soon!

What services does Accela Public Adjusting offer for handling fire damage, storm damage, flood damage, other types of property damage, or denied claims?

Accela Public Adjusting provides comprehensive, professional, and thorough property damage estimates, contents inventory estimates, policy review, negotiation, and many other nuanced services. We also offer a free Denied Claim Review if you have a property damage claim that was denied by your insurance carrier.

Why should homeowners and property owners consider seeking help from a public adjuster for property damage claims?

Public adjusters are state-licensed fiduciaries that must work in their client's best financial interest. Your property has real value and that value is lost when damaged. Your insurance company should make you whole but they are not required to work in your best interest. Homeowners and property owners very often seek the help of a professional that can "fight on their side" and level the playing field.

How does Accela Public Adjusting assist in documenting damages and filing insurance claims promptly and accurately?

We are one of few, if not the only firm in the area, that actively implements cutting-edge automations and AI/LLM technology to expedite claim resolutions. Our advanced tools and methods not only benefit the homeowner by resolving their claims quickly but also enhance our ability to deliver precise and fair settlements across the board.