Anton Lunyk

Anton Lunyk is a highly experienced public adjuster with over $30MM in settled claims under his belt.

Anton Lunyk
Brooklyn, NY

About Anton

Anton Lunyk, a dynamic and multifaceted public adjuster in New York, brings a unique blend of cultural insight and diverse experiences to this profession. Born in Ukraine, Anton's deep connections with the Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish communities in New York strengthen his ability to serve a wide array of clients with empathy and true understanding. His journey is marked by resilience and a strong work ethic, having balanced multiple jobs alongside his education since the young age of 13.

Anton's academic pursuit culminated in a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Brooklyn College. This has helped to further deepen the empathetic bonds he forms with his clients. This academic background, combined with his early training in Muay Thai and MMA from age 7 to 18, has instilled in him a remarkable discipline that permeates his professional life. His passion for martial arts evolved into a dedication to bodybuilding during his college years, further solidifying his commitment to discipline and self-improvement.

After becoming a licensed New York public adjuster in 2016, Anton often references his broader experience of over a decade in the construction and property damage mitigation industry. This varied experience has equipped him with the ability to connect with people, understanding their loss, and enhancing his effectiveness as a public adjuster.

Anton’s hobbies are as diverse as his professional skills, ranging from martial arts to snowboarding, diving, and water action sports. His interest in bodybuilding continues, a reflection of the discipline he values so highly. As a licensed public adjuster, Anton has dedicated himself entirely to advocating for policyholders in their times of need. He seamlessly integrates the skills and knowledge acquired from his degree into both his professional endeavors and personal pursuits. Anton Lunyk stands as a dedicated, culturally attuned, and experienced public adjuster in New York, committed to delivering exceptional service and support to his clients while handling their property damage claims with the utmost attention and care.

Anton Lunyk

Anton Lunyk

Licensed Public Adjuster


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