John Guerrero

John has handled well over 250 property damage claims and performed thousands of property damage estimates. He is well-equipped to handle anything thrown his way, making him a huge asset to Accela Public Adjusting, Inc.

John Guerrero
Valley Stream, NY

John Guerrero has built a distinguished career starting with his local fire and rescue service, and extending through the construction and insurance claims industries. From the young age of 12, John engaged in live training and education focused on firefighting, rescues, and understanding fire behavior and risk. His dedication led him to advance through the ranks, becoming an officer and a member of the training staff in the fire department, where he earned numerous certifications and underwent extensive training and education.

During that time, John pursued a career in construction, building, restoration, and estimating structures. He gained comprehensive knowledge of various construction methods—traditional and modern—further expanding his expertise. Since 2015, John has dedicated himself to the insurance claims industry, continuously expanding his knowledge and education. His background in firefighting, construction, and insurance claims makes him a well-rounded and highly knowledgeable professional.

John Guerrero

John Guerrero

Licensed Public Adjuster


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